At syempre, hindi magpapatalo ang bunso ko na super kulit din gaya ng Ate nya. 

It’s been a while, tumbler. 

I just want to share my baby girl’s photo during the Doggie Day Fair held at the 9th Avenue, The Fort, Taguig last March 2.

Title: Space Oddity Artist: David Bowie & Kristen Wiig 8,007 plays


Space Oddity - David Bowie and Kristen Wiig

Ground control to major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Ground control to major Tom 
Commencing countdown, engines on 
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

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Look at her, ain’t she beautiful? I sure am lucky to have someone as wonderful as her.

Get well soon, mahal ko.
I love you always. To the moon and back.

There’s this special girl I fell in love with. She’s beautiful, smart, sweet and funny.

Problem is :
1. she’s 8 years older than me
2. her friends doesn’t want me for her and
3. her family might kick my ass or kill me if they knew about me.

But despite all this, I love her. I love how different she is from the other girls I once loved - like how she shows that she could take care of herself but still has that sweet girl in her that wants to be taken care of. I love how she could light up the entire room with her smile. How she makes it so easy to get along with different types of people. I love how she cracks up these jokes and how effortless it is for her to make me laugh. I love her messy hair and the tiny bits of powder on her face. I love when she makes time for me even if she’s got loads of things to do. I love how she looks out for the special people in her life - her family and friends. I love listening to all her stories about her life and the people around her. I love how she could be so impatient yet she still tries to wait for me. I love her dimples and her laugh and her addiction to being “germ-free”.  I love everything about her that even if she thinks she’s the worst person to love, I would still want to be that person she’d choose to open her heart to.

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This the kindest packaging I’ve ever seen

Did Tom Hiddleston write these?

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Mcspiiiicccyyyy with @jlkerstin #FoodPorn (at Hewlett-Packard)


Our baby boy just turned 2 today. Happy happy birthday, josh! Don’t grow up too fast. Nangnong loves you. <3 @iamdey #ManaSaKapogianKo #SmartestLittleBigBoy #Family #Love #ChubbyCheeks